NaNoWriMo: A month of madness

If you haven’t already worked it out, and from my tweets and such it’s been pretty hard not to, I’m partaking in NaNoWriMo this year. The challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month is something I’ve never done before, made all the more fun by the fact I’ve never written a manuscript of that length before. The longest I’ve got is 46,000 words, accumulated over a year. So this is going to be fun.

I haven’t yet hit the ‘I want to give up’ stage, but no doubt it’ll happen at some point. I just have to keep persevering, and I’ll get there. I like the idea I’ve come up with, it’s fully planned out and the characters are rather animated, so hopefully I won’t change my mind and want to kill them within the next 28 days.
The challenge is to write the novel you’ve always wanted to do but never had time to, and although I’ve known about NaNo for the past couple of years, it was time that had prevented me from entering before. The amount of free time I get at uni, though, means it’s a lot more doable for me than it had been in previous years.
To any fellow NaNoers, good luck, and don’t give up. I’ll be keeping my blog updated throughout, with excerpts if I feel particularly nice.
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