Things I’ve learnt in two days at uni

I wasn’t going to make this post like a list, but there’s an awful lot so it probably will end up being like one. I’ve moved into a flat in Bournemouth with five other students, and everyone seems really friendly here. I’ve learnt a lot in the past two days, and here’s just a sample of what life’s like for a student here.

1. People lie to you. Monday night, we left the club at 1AM and decided to walk to the beach. Being new to the area, we had no idea where it was, so we asked for help. Several times. People kept telling us different directions, until we eventually gave up, sat on a bench and talked to a drunk guy with a kebab before coming back to our flat.

2. Some people are just nice. Walking back to our flat, we found a place offering free tea and toast to us, so we went in and ate. Not quite sure why, but it was a nice gesture all the same.

3. Jagerbombs taste horrible but give you an amazing energy boost. I found this out last night. We went to a club and left after an hour because it was pretty bad in there. By then I was too high on the drink to go to bed for another hour and a half, and that was only because I needed to get enough sleep in case I was woken up by the roadworks at 8AM again.

4. “What’s your name? Where are you from? What are you studying?” The three most repetitive things over the past two days. Everyone you meet, you ask and are asked the same things. I haven’t found anyone on my course, but there’s a load of people doing TV production and business management.

5. 2AM is an early night. One of my flatmates went to bed at 1AM yesterday. I sat up watching the Inbetweeners on 40D. One of my other flatmates rolled in at 6AM and went to bed at 7. He then had to be up at ten to go to the uni.

6. Some people are really smart, and others are just stupid. One of my flatmates got three As at A level and got £1000 from the uni for doing so. One of my other flatmates, in a discussion, said of Margaret Thatcher: “I get her confused with Mother Teresa.” She’s blonde. Enough said.

7. We’re really lazy students. Our flat just seems to pass the time in one guy’s room, laying on his bed or sitting on his floor. This happens any time of the day.

8.Whatever shoes you wear out, you will ultimately end up barefoot. Twice now this has happened to me. The first night out I had to take my heels off because they were killing my feet walking back to the flat, and the second time was when we went to the beach. The sea was cold but we paddled just the same.

I’ll quote a friend of mine to finish up here. “It’s like we’re on holiday with a bunch of strangers.” It is, really. But I love it here already, and I can’t wait to start my course.

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2 Responses to Things I’ve learnt in two days at uni

  1. Graham says:

    Whaaaa? Jagerbombs taste GREAT.

    As for the directions, that might not have been so much them lying as them just being really bad at directions (This is me trying to have faith in humanity)

    Shoes, invest in some kind of pumps I’d say. Sonia has those ones that roll up really small (you might have seen them?) but also i think a lot of clubs have free pump dispensers. they’re pretty shit shoes, but they’re easy on your feet, and if the club has super sticky floors from all the spilt drinks, it means you don’t ruin your own shoes.

    Glad you’re having a good time! as for the holiday thing, I bet there’ll be a point that coming home will feel more like the holiday, and your friends and uni are home/family.

  2. Hattie says:

    Protip: if you make a grass skirt out of leaflets for a Hawaii-themed party and it’s raining, change afterwards rather than going out in it; rain made the paper soft and it ended up falling apart, good times!

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