Just to let you know I’ve not abandoned this blog, honest.

Yeah, so I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. If you’ve been waiting for an update, I appreciate it, and I aim to be back regularly blogging by the end of the month.

Part of the reason I’ve been busy is exams. If you’ve been a teenager, you’ll know how stressful revising can be, and I’ve been spending two or three days straight without going online over the past week just to try and teach myself enough maths, which I’m still struggling with one unit. If you haven’t experienced them yet, you’re lucky.

The other reason is work. I’ve been transferred from the bakery to the cake shop, which in itself is hard work, because there’s a lot more to do. It’s all making flans (which take forever) and cakes and cookies as well as getting stuff from the freezer to defrost, which is a little weird as it means wearing a thick coat, hat and gloves when it’s 25 degrees plus, because I’m going into a classroom-sized room which is -22 degrees. I’ve also been doing overtime, as the department’s understaffed and two full-timers are on holiday one week after the other, so it seems when I’m not revising I’m working, and vice versa.

It’ll all pay off, though, and when I have two and a half months off after I won’t care about slaving through June. Until then, though, don’t expect regular updates, though if I manage to blog, reading it would mean I haven’t wasted my time, and I’ll spam you with posts in July.

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