So Long, Farewell…

I got my school leaver’s hoodie today. In case you’ve never had/seen one, it’s basically got the number 10 (for leavers of 2010) on the back made out of all our names of the people in my year, with BGS (my school) on the front. It’s a fleecy jumper with a pull cord hood, and mine’s in a very bright red.

While queueing up to collect it earlier, it finally dawned on me: I have two weeks of school left, ever. It seems like all I’ve ever known has been school, and it’s going to be over for good. No going back. It wasn’t the same in year 11, as I knew I’d be going back to sixth form, so I’ve not had the same feeling. But this time, it’s like seven years of my life are over. The scariest part is that I can remember my first day there.

I’ve changed a lot over those seven years. Some things happened there I’d willingly forget, but there’s some great memories and I’ve a load of awesome friends I’ll miss not seeing every day. I’ll miss being told to stop talking, and passing notes when that fails. I’ll miss wasting private studies. I’ll even miss the fight to get to your locker before everyone else does.

In some respects, I’m glad to leave. I’m bored of school and need a change in my life. But on the other hand, I’ll be really sad. My comfort zone, my own little bubble will disappear and September will be a huge challenge for me. There’s been some brilliant teachers who have really inspired me, notably my year 7 and 8 English teacher, and my French teacher for the past three years, have both been brilliant.

I guess every door has to close at some point. But this one’s got another two weeks left, and no doubt I’ll have some great things to report during that time.

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