Addicted to Soap?

An unusual thing happened Tuesday night. I started a shift at work under one government and finished under another. In case you’ve been in a bubble this past week, you’ll know Cameron and Clegg have ConDemmed the nation to a formal coaliton. You’ll also probably have realised the scandal all over Facebook and other social networking sites: EastEnders was cut from the night’s TV schedule to deliver live footage of Downing Street.

It wasn’t as though the episode was cut completely; they showed it the following night. But from the reaction online you’d think it was a major disaster. And before you say the major disaster was what was actually happening on the TV, I guess we can’t slate the coalition before it’s had a chance to prove itself. But what is this country coming to when EastEnders is, in the eyes of the youth, more important than politics? When 30 minutes is worth more than 5 years.

What’s even worse is when you consider the next generation of politicians are coming from this crop. Sure, most of the politicians of tomorrow would be interested in what was actually being shown, but they can’t be successful if the public don’t vote for them. It seems they would rather prefer to follow the life of Phil Mitchell than David Cameron.

I’m not slating people who watch soaps. Just those who have an unhealthy addiction to fiction, and in doing so, neglect paying attention to reality.

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