Blogging of a shopaholic

I went shopping today. Spent just under £35 on clothes. Nice as that sounds, it’s not the main point of this post. A few months ago, the first time I went to the cashpoint alone, it ate my card. Since then, I’ve had a fear of the same thing happening again.

So at the cashpoint today, I put my card in, and it didn’t come up with the pin screen. I panicked. Luckily, my mum was there, sorted it out and my card came out. Put it in again and it was all fine. I was all ready to have another major freak out, though. I think I’ve just got an automatic ‘panic’ reaction whenever things go wrong.

I think it’s because it happened once I fear it happening again. Before the first incident, it had never crossed my mind. It’s like anything, though. I was happy-slapped walking home from school when I was 14. For weeks afterwards, I never walked the same way home. I knew the likelihood of reoccurance was unlikely, but that didn’t stop me panicking. Now, though, I’m fine. I’ve messed around on the same corner many times before, standing and chatting to friends, and even had a snowball down the back of my neck from one of my closest friends on the same stretch of road.

I’ll probably get over my fear at the cash point in time. For now, though, it does help curb my spending. And for that, it’s not such a bad thing.

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