Picture Perfect?

We’re staging a mock election at our school. I’m not sure what’s funnier, the posters or the fact that the people most into it aren’t old enough to vote at the next election, forget about this one. I’m on the Lib Dems campaign team, and spent my free period putting posters up with sticky tape in ridiculously high places so they couldn’t be ripped down or sabotaged. I couldn’t take photos of some of the posters, though I wish I could, as the annotations are quality.

Take the Conservative one in the art department. It has a picture of Jeremy Clarkson with his fingers in his ears and the caption ‘I’m voting Conservative and ignoring everyone else’. Underneath, someone has written ‘racist, homophobic, bigoted? Sounds like a Tory.’ No idea who it was, but they have my approval. Then, of course, someone’s written ‘Monster Raving Loony Party’ onto a Labour one, crossing out the original party name.

I’ve been tempted to write on one myself. There’s a picture of Dumbledore in the English department with the caption ‘I’m voting Labour. Are you?’ I’ve had to restrain myself from scribbling ‘Dumbledore’s dead’ on it, in the style of the banner over the motorway they had a few years back.

There’s one with Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown’s faces superimposed on the caption ‘Fried Clegg and Brown Toast’ (I’ll leave you to work out the pictures) and another with ‘Vote Labour or you’re a bigot’. I’ve been tempted to put up a Vote Saxon one just for the hell of it, and still might. If nothing else, it’ll give me a laugh to see what people write on it.

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