Vote Sophie: I pledge what other politicians will inevitably deliver.

I’m not really standing in the election. But if I did, I doubt I could make my manifesto encourage people to vote for me. All the political parties are just so similar, I’d need to join the Monster Raving Loony Party to stand out. I know there’s differences between them: I’m left leaning and refuse to vote Conservative, but there’s so many similarities between the three main parties when it all boils down to it.

Part of it’s the situation we live in: nobody’s got a miracle recovery for the recession; it’s impossible. Whoever wins is inheriting an awful economic climate, with social unrest. The fact there’s no clear cut winner makes the unrest even more uneasy; had we a Tony Blair of 1997, or even an equivalent of America’s Barack Obama, we could optimise on the situation even if you weren’t a Labour or Democrat supporter. Now, Nick Clegg’s possibly the frontrunner, or maybe ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron, depending on what poll you look at.

But whoever wins, politics won’t change dramatically. I can understand why there’s so much apathy. They’ve screwed us over so much these past few years, and they’re right to fear for their jobs. I just hope whoever wins can try and make a change without failing too much.

And on that note, I’m off to watch the third leader’s debate.

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