You and Me can Write a Bad Romance

Life’s been busy. Tomorrow, I’m off to see Lady Gaga in concert at the O2, and I’m really looking forward to it. Alphabeat are supporting, who I also like, so it should be a good evening.

Back to this evening, where I’m currently DJing on an internet radio station, asdFM. It’s the retro show, which basically means pop songs from the late nineties and early 2000s. That’s the sort of music I like listening to, and I know from comments that the listeners tend to approve of my song choices.

What else has happened since I’ve last updated? Well, I’ve reached the 10,000 mark on my new novel, which for me is an achievement as I’m a rather slow writer. I’ve planned out the rest of it, so it should be pretty good if all goes accordingly.

Something that sounds like a story, but was actually true, was the happenings at school yesterday. All the after school clubs were cancelled and teachers were hurrying us out. Rumour was a rat infestation, but it turned out that several of our cleaners were illegal immigrants and were being deported. Which explains the helicopter over school at the end of the day, the police cars that were seen around and the fact that two caretakers were running down the road.

So all in all, it’s been a pretty eventful few days. Added to the fact that Boris Johnson walked past me last night (but unfortunately he had his hood up and helmet on so I couldn’t flick his hair), there’s enough to fill several blog posts. As it is, I’m compressing it all into one neat little update on the madness that is my life.

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One Response to You and Me can Write a Bad Romance

  1. Tom Beasley says:

    You get to see GaGa /and/ Alphabeat?! Lucky bitch!

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