2009: A year in memories

Most people that do ‘..of the year’ lists contain pretty bog-standard things, such as best song, tv show, film, etc. Not me. Here’s a short summary of my year in memories.

Scariest Person: Without a doubt, the pink-haired bouncer lady at Forbidden Planet in October. Anyone who was there will agree with me, she was petrifying. Forget six foot muscular men, she was shorter than me but terrifyingly scary. There’s no denying how she got the job.

Best Celebrity Quote: The only celebrity I’ve met this year, and he was awesome. Gareth David-Lloyd: “Edmund, shut the fuck up.” Again, another had-to-be-there moment, but Gareth had such a great sense of humour, I’m impressed he managed to tolerate Ed.

Weirdest Place To Be Chucked Out Of: Again, Ed takes this award. Waterstones in Bluewater isn’t the most rock and roll place, but shouting “will you marry me?” at a book signing isn’t exactly appropriate behaviour. Even if Rob knows the forumers are only joking. Well, most of us.

Best Rivalry: The Joe McElderry/Rage Against The Machine race for Christmas number 1. It livened up the chart for once, and got people talking who would probably not normally care about the charts.

Revolutionary Media Moment: Girl Number 9. See my other blog post for more about this show, but being the first proper web thriller series, it has certainly set a high standard. I think we can expect more web drama in the next few years, and if they’re all as good as Girl Number 9, I’ll be a happy person.

Most Pointless Lesson: French directed study. More specifically, the lesson where we had to say ‘eh’ for half an hour, for reasons I don’t fully understand.

Best Trip: France, without a doubt. Work experience in a French school was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and the mill where we stayed was amazing. Oh, and I discovered I dislike crepes.

Here’s hoping 2010 will be just as awesome. 🙂

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