Girl Number 9

Quality drama is rare these days. Every now and then, however, along comes a show to make you sit up and pay attention. Girl Number 9 is one of those shows. What makes it stand out from the crowd even more is the fact that it is broadcast on the web, rather than the television.

Written by James Moran of Torchwood and Doctor Who fame, all clues point to this being a serious piece, rather than an experiment. Throw into the mix a big-name cast of Gareth David-Lloyd, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Joe Absolom, who puts in a fantastically terrifying performance as a serial killer, the stakes are high.

The show doesn’t disappoint. The first episode being broadcast on 30th October, with the remaining five episodes the following Monday to Friday, means none of the week’s wait you get with most drama serials. At only five minutes an episode, too, there isn’t time for all the needless drivel either. You just get shown the important stuff, but thankfully the death scenes aren’t actually shown on screen. However the build-up to them means mental visualisations are enough.

Described as being similar to 24, in that it is almost screened in real-time, another dimension is added to the thriller, especially if you watch all the parts in one go. The only issue with the format was the episodes taking a while to buffer, but it wasn’t as much of a problem as the urge to need to know what happened next. A cliffhanger at the end of each episode kept the viewer desperate for more, especially after episode five.

The plot is somewhat simple: Boylan (Absolom) is a murderer, convicted of killing seven girls. Many of the scenes are between him and Detective Matheson (David-Lloyd), who is desperate to find the whereeabouts of an eighth girl, Kitty, before it’s too late. Lyndon (Oberman) is Matheson’s boss who moves between the office and the place where Kitty is being held. Things take a turn for the worse when footage of the ninth girl is shown to Matheson, forcing him to make a choice nobody should ever have to do.

The show is definitely not for the squeamish. A warning appears on the website that it isn’t suitable for those under fifteen. That didn’t stop me being frightened after the first episode.

One of the benefits of the web is that the show can be watched at any convenient time, as all parts are kept on the website for about a month after the initial screening. So if it sounds like your cup of tea, or you just fancy some quality drama, head to now.

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