Celebrities: Nasty or Nice?

It’s always a surprise when you bump into a celebrity when you’re out and about on your daily business. I personally haven’t had the fortune to do so, but I know of several people who met Gok Wan in Bluewater, many more who have seen the actress who plays Heather from Eastenders in both supermarkets and Pizza Hut, and various other friends who have seen actors in a range of places around London.

However, meeting someone famous isn’t necessary a good thing. If you were to idolise a person for years, then meet them and find out they were rather horrible in real life, your admiration would fail. Several people have reported that although her Eastenders screen character Heather is bubbly and friendly, the actress who plays her is not. Having not met her personally, of course I can’t report the truth in this, but it does seem to make sense. If you were out in the supermarket and crowds of people came up to you, asking for photographs and autographs, it’s often difficult to be constantly compliant.

Some celebrities, though, are just nice people throughout, and don’t let fame affect them. I was lucky enough to meet Gareth David-Lloyd, best known for playing Ianto Jones in Torchwood, at a promotional signing in London a few days ago. He was such a nice person, shaking everyone’s hands, talking to us and joking about while signing posters and books. Slightly less famous, but building up a bigger fan base with every new release, is children’s author Robert Muchamore, who I have also met several times and is more than willing to have lengthy conversations with his fans and even once took a few of them to lunch when they met him in the street. So being famous doesn’t necessarily mean you can stop being a nice person.

Hopefully, in a world where celebrities are becoming more and more prominant in society, more of them will follow Gareth and Robert’s examples in kindness towards their fans, and maintain the mutual respect.

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