I just wanna be popular

What separates the popular kids from the rest of the crowd? Is it money, fashion, appearance? And why are these qualities so desirable? Maybe it’s because of the superficial nature of most people nowadays that we look upon those who have the desirable qualities as being leaders of the group.

Take a look at the most popular celebrities at the moment. Name one that isn’t considered attractive. How many ‘ugly’ celebrities do you see shown in a positive light? Gordon Brown is ridiculed for his appearance, and you only have to see a contestant who fails to meet the standards of appearance on reality shows to see ordinary members of the public get laughed at. Susan Boyle is probably the best example of this. So it seems, if you’re not attractive, you’re judged not to have talent either.

So with this perception of looks and talent linked, what does that hold for the average-looking members of the population? Aspiring to an unrealistic ideology isn’t healthy, but the notion that looks bring wealth is something that this celebrity culture has started to breed among the impressionable youth. With a celebrity status, you’d be popular.

But is popularity all it’s really cut out to be? To have to live up to what people want you to be, and if you falter, your status will be taken away in a flash and you’ll fall to the bottom of the pile. To be the popular kid that holds the party everyone wants to attend places a heck of a lot of pressure on you. To be so in demand that you seem to earn a god-like status only earns you enemies among those that want to have the position. You can’t do what you want because it would be seen as uncool. No thanks. Give me normal and unpopular any day.

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