It’s raining men!

The weather. It’s something we Brits typically talk about, so here I am, conforming to stereotype. And when I’m done, I’ll be off to have a cup of tea and then play a game of cricket.

I suppose one of the reasons we talk about the weather is because it’s something common to all of us. Whichever part of Britain you live in; whatever your race, home language or hobbies; no matter your age, you’re still suffering with the awful weather that seems to plague this (not so small) island. And because we’re so diverse, and quite often you don’t know a thing about the person you’re stood next to in the queue or sitting next to on the train, it’s best to make small talk about something you know will be common to both of you.

Apparantly we’re a bit of a joke when it comes to other countries. We complain when it’s too hot, we complain when it’s too cold. When it snows we shut down the capital’s transport network. When it rains constantly we moan, yet we moan more when it fails to rain for a fortnight or so and a hosepipe ban is threatened. But we wouldn’t be British if we didn’t moan about the weather, really.

It’s said that having a grumble is good for you, and it’s a fact we’re a nation of grumblers. But rather than moan about the Government, the state of the economy and the delinquency of teenagers (…oh wait) our favourite topic is something we’re powerless to change. We can sort out the Government by electing the Monster Raving Loony Party or the meerkat from the recent Compare the Market/Meerkat adverts as Prime Minister. We can fix the economy by changing the currency to Monopoly money. We can sort out teenage delinquency by…I’ll come up with a reason once I’ve had a few bottles of alcohol and smashed up a car, ok?

Maybe it’s because we’re lazy. We’ll complain about things, rather than do things. Or perhaps it’s just because we’re jealous of the warm weather other countries have, and it’s our way of expressing it. Either way, it’s something that’s not going to change in a hurry. Not that it really matters, to be honest. Because talking about the weather’s harmless, and there’s a mutual agreement that it’s generally rubbish. Which means you’re unlikely to get stabbed by an economically-delinquent teenage member of Government. Right?

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One Response to It’s raining men!

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Don’t worry–you’re certainly far from the only nation that complains about the weather! Here in the US, there are so many different climates just in our one country that I can have weather envy for someone who doesn’t even live all that far from me.

    I like your point about the weather being common to everyone. You can always understand and sympathize with someone complaining about the weather!

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