How Torchwood series three gripped the nation

Well, alright, not the whole nation. But viewing figures were up from the start, with over five million people tuning in for Monday’s episode, and the episode on Thursday getting more viewers than that night’s EastEnders. That was thanks to the trailers that seemed to constantly be on BBC1 between shows, although according to one friend, it was over-publicised.

Not that publicity seemed to matter once the show started. With new opening credits, it was a bit of a shock to old Torchwood fans, but it certainly didn’t disappoint. Throughout the five hours worth of television, I laughed, I was on the edge of my seat, and I’m not ashamed to say that there were a few tears in my eyes as well, especially in the last two episodes. The scriptwriters were on brilliant form, though no doubt they’ll be getting a bit of stick from fans regarding the end of Thursday’s episode.

But what was done so much better in this series, aside of having the classic Torchwood situation of being unpredictable, was how the plotline managed to relate to so many people. What would you do if you were in the Government’s situation, demanding 10% of your country’s children? Would you give up your children? Instead of having something so obviously sci-fi, like sex gas, sportscar-driving blowfish and affairs with women from the 1950s, the current series was a situation that, scarily, could be real.

The only concern I have over the series is the possibility of there being a fourth series has been greatly diminished, with the death of one main character (Gareth David-Lloyd is a brilliant actor simply for keeping a straight face through so many of those classic Ianto lines), the pregnancy of another and the disapperance into space of the third (John Barrowman had to have a dramatic ending, naturally). But if it’s going to be as great as this series, I don’t care who’s in it as long as Russell T Davies gets it back on our screens.

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One Response to How Torchwood series three gripped the nation

  1. graham says:

    well, preferably not russelt t davies. but it’d better come back, in this new, relatively refined format. and the new opening credits were nice =D the old ones were like the rest of the old series, they were trying just that little bit too hard to make it ‘edgy’ and ‘mature’. and i can’t help thinking that ianto and jack being an obvious couple helped the viewing figures (it amazes me sometimes QUITE how many women will go ‘squeeeeeeee! gay couple, how cute!’) but also the fact that like you kind of said, they weren’t pushing the whole ‘oh this programs so mature its got SEX and DEATH and SAME SEX KISSING OMG’ thing, they managed to keep it as just an adult themed program, the only OTT bits being gwen and jack, naturally. and i was going to say something else, but i forgot. and yeah… i think i NEED to set up my webcomic site soon so i have a rant space… that was far longer than it needed to be…

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