The difference between the UK and Aus

…other than the climate, and trust me, there is one.

While browsing YouTube for clips of Australian talk show Rove (think Jonathan Ross, only funnier and less crude) I stumbled across a recent one where he interviewed Kevin Rudd. Who’s Kevin Rudd, asks the non-Aussie readership of my blog. He’s the Australian Prime Minister.

Yes, you read that right. The prime minister on a talk show. Imagine Gordon Brown being interviewed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. It wouldn’t happen. Even David Cameron, who appears somewhat more likely to attempt party promotion in the less conventional methods, wouldn’t be found on a chat show.

So where does it differ? It seems while our politicians are down in the dumps moping over the current expenses scandal and the credit crunch, Rudd can take it in a light-hearted manner and be humorous. It might not be the main priority of the prime minister, but it certainly lets the public know that they haven’t got a leader that seems to think he’s above everyone, and can actually act normal. Which, in a situation like we’ve got at the moment, is exactly what we need.

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