Get ready to be JoRolled!

I hear news of the Jonas Brothers are going to release a cover of the classic internet meme song, Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. But they’re only the latest in a long line to sample or cover old tracks. And it seems that sampling is becoming ever-popular, with rather obscure sample choices.

It all started a couple of years ago, when Rihanna and TI sampled the cheesy pop song Dragostei Din Tei by O-Zone (you all know the video, 3 blokes on a plane) in their hit record Live Your Life. Then more and more samples crept in, and now you’ve got Flo Rida sampling Eiffel 65’s Blue, and most obscurely the Pussycat Dolls sampling I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor in their latest hit.

So it’s all the rage for old-school cheesy pop to feature in modern urban records now. Which, as a fan of old-school cheesy pop, can only be good for the original artist. Not only do they get a bit of money for the use of their recording, but their music is heard by a new generation of listeners, some who might trace the original song and download that as well.

It’s often said that modern music is going downhill. But when so much of it uses older stuff, is that actually true?

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One Response to Get ready to be JoRolled!

  1. TomBeasley says:

    I get pissed off when idiots like Flo Rida use perfectly good songs and fuck them up.

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