Now I know why uni fees are so high

The second of my university visits saw me going to Farnham to visit the University of Creative Arts (hereon known as UCA because I can’t be bothered to keep typing it out.) Like Winchester a month ago, I was handed a bag on my arrival. Sensible idea, it seems, because of the amount of paperwork they hand you and it won’t all fit in a handbag/pocket/rolled up and tucked into your waistband.

Ok, I thought, they’re giving out bags because it’s practical. But on my walk around I recieved two free pencils, a pen and a ruler. Still minor promotional stuff.

But it was when I completed the survey that was in my free bag (rate the tour 1-5 etc) and handed it in on my way out that I got my biggest shock. I was asked what t-shirt size I wanted, small, medium or large. So I was standing there, trying to work out what a size 16 (I do take a 12 in jeans, I’m not fat!) t-shirt was converted. I plumped for the medium to be on the safe side, and I saw several large cardboard boxes, all filled with t-shirts, behind the table. I received a black t-shirt with the UCA logo on the front and their website on the back, totally free. It was self-promotion, but I wasn’t turning down free clothes. Now I’ve got a t-shirt I can paint in, yay.

Bearing in mind I hadn’t paid a thing to attend the open day (except for the petrol to drive around the M25), the money for all the freebies they give to visitors had to have come from somewhere. And I suppose it could explain why I’d have to pay £3225 a year to study.

Next visit is to Lincoln in July. I’m hoping to come back with some free sunglasses and a pencil case to keep the rest of my free stationary in.

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One Response to Now I know why uni fees are so high

  1. Andrea. says:

    Unfair! When I went to Open days, the only free stuff I got was a pen. BOO!

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