Why ‘bring-backs’ are a bad idea

Anyone remember Top of the Pops, the Friday night music show that was a regular feature on BBC1 for decades? Back in the 90s, I used to love it, and after finding some performances on YouTube, I remembered reading a while back that Simon Cowell was planning to bring it to ITV.

But after looking at other ‘bring-backs’ of classic shows, I’m beginning to think the idea might be a bad one. Gladiators was a classic 90s show, but when Sky brought it back last year, it was nothing like the original. I only watched part of one episode before deciding to turn it off in order to keep my happy memories of the show fresh.

Alright, sometimes there are successes. When Doctor Who was revived, it became one of the most popular shows on British television and spawned two spin-offs. But unfortunately it’s the exception to the rule.

Things which were a winning formula 15 or 20 years ago don’t fare the same when injected with a dose of modern graphics, music and presenters. As much as we’d all love to see our favourite childhood show back on television, surely it’s better to keep the great memories of amazing shows rather than let them be tarnished with a poor remake.

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One Response to Why ‘bring-backs’ are a bad idea

  1. defcon says:

    I guess when you say ‘bring-backs’ ‘remakes’ comes to mind and I agree, a lot of remakes are rather bad and miss the point that the original was all about. Like that remake of ‘The day the earth stood still.’The originally was about being careful with our nuclear weapon technology, because no only were we a threat to ourselves, but also to the universe! But the remake was just another angry alien scaring the crap out of humans. All action, no content. I guess that’s the trend of movies today. Haha, I think I went OT.

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