Big up yourself…or not.

Britain’s Got Talent. Or has it? Are all the people on the show really talented, or just fame-hungry? Because, like in every reality TV show, you have contestants that are just plain awful. Watching them, you’re thinking, just why? Why would someone embarrass themselves in ridiculous ways, when it’s clear they lack talent and anyone with half a brain should tell them that.

But in a society where we encourage people that failure is not an option, are we just building kids up for a massive downfall? Schools are banning sports days so that pupils won’t feel bad when they lose. But that’s not the real world. There’s winners, but there’s an awful lot more losers. And for the most part, you’ll be a loser.

It’s not a nice thing to consider, but it’s better than making a fool of yourself, thinking you’re good when in reality, a cat could sing better, a whale could dance better and the whole of the country are laughing at you. It’s time people got a reality check and realised that it’s better to be unknown and bad than be seen by several million viewers and laughed at because you thought you were good but weren’t.

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