Titanic, and a new take on Pirates vs Ninjas

So I went canoeing last night on Danson Park lake, like I do every Thursday evening, only to find out we’re not using the normal kayaks we’ve used every week so far, oh no. Instead we’re open-boating in these big canoes they call Canadians. No idea why, because they don’t have an accent and we don’t have to go up mountains in them, but they’re Canadian all the same. And it’s two to a boat.

Well, there’s not enough boats left, so I ended up in a three with Beca and Jenny, which was fine as it meant we had to, effectively, do less work. Unfortunately, it ended up that we had the last available boat; a metal one that had only one seat and a pole across the middle that had snapped. And, once we got it in the water, found that it also had a hole in.

So we got on the lake anyway, not actually worrying that we were filling up with water. And when we had to group up and do a rescue, it was our boat that got volunteered to tip over. Once we’d climbed into another one, naturally. Boat’s upside down, but then it started sinking at one end. It seemed we had the Canadian version of Titanic. But unlike the film, there was no romantic moment with Leonardo di Caprio. Unfortunately.

We managed to right it and get back in, but then it was decided that we’d declare war on the sailors, who were down the other end of the lake, and try and sink them. We managed to survive three attacks before going in, which was pretty impressive in comparison to the other canoes. In the end we gave up trying to get back into our canoe and just walked/swam around the lake since it wasn’t really that deep. By the end of it, there were canoeists on the sailing boats and sailors in canoes, paddles floating around everywhere and about three canoes that were on the bottom of the lake (and are possibly still under there.)

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One Response to Titanic, and a new take on Pirates vs Ninjas

  1. Andrea. says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

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